10/21/2010 02:42 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Ken Buck: Inhofe Was Right, Global Warming Is The Greatest Hoax That Has Been Perpetrated'

Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck is being criticized following statements he made regarding global warming on Wednesday.

The Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper quoted Buck praising Oklahoma Senator James Inhoffe for being among the first to cast doubt on whether global warming is a reality.

"Sen. Inhofe was the first person to stand up and say this global warming is the greatest hoax that has been perpetrated. The evidence just keeps supporting his view, and more and more people's view, of what's going on," Buck said to supporters after a meeting.

The U.S. Department of Defense has identified global climate change as a major threat to the county's long-term security.

Buck's opponent, incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet, seized on the statement, pointing to a report from the National Council of State Legislatures that Colorado will incur annually "more than $1 billion in losses due to impacts on tourism, forestry, water resources and human health from a predicted drier, warmer climate."

Politico took the comment as an example of Buck stray[ing] from the lesson he learned from his " Meet the Press" appearance on Sunday, when he was widely criticized for comparing homosexuality to alcoholism.

Democrats have consistently tried to portray Buck as an extremist since the Tea Party-backed candidate became the Republican nominee in August.

As The Hill points out, Buck is not the only GOP candidate this year to cast doubt on global warming.