10/22/2010 06:17 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jessica Simpson Has Awkward Run-In With Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend Eric Johnson had dinner at LA's Red O restaurant Thursday night--and so did her ex-husband Nick Lachey and his girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo. They did not acknowledge each other, but Jessica's mom said hello to Nick after Jessica left the restaurant, according to In Touch Weekly.

People is also reporting the story and has photos of Jessica and Nick in the restaurant (not together).

"They didn't interact," a source told People. "They didn't even come to face-to-face with each other."

Jessica recently talked about her love for Eric, and Vanessa has talked about how she and Nick shower together twice a day, so it seems like everyone has moved on.

In Touch's press release follows:

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey had managed to avoid an uncomfortable run-in since their split in 2005 - until last night in LA! Jessica - who dined with boyfriend Eric Johnson, mom Tina and a small group of pals at the Red O Restaurant - was blindsided when she realized ex-husband Nick Lachey and his girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo, were just tables away, flaunting their affections.

A fellow diner tells In Touch the exclusive details of the star's nightmarish run-in with her ex. "They came in just minutes apart, and Jessica was told shortly after that Nick was there, too," the eyewitness says. Jessica was dressed comfortably and wearing no makeup for what was supposed to be a relaxed dinner with her closest pals. "She had a good time with her pals, but Jessica was definitely uncomfortable knowing he was there."

Just tables away, Nick and Vanessa were sharing a bottle of red wine. While the former couple did not interact, "Vanessa must have gotten jealous," the eyewitness speculates. "Vanessa was rubbing Nick's back, kissing his neck and ear, and running her fingers through his hair."

The October 21 incident was only days before Jessica and Nick's wedding anniversary -- they'd tied the knot on October 26, 2002 -- and despite three years of marriage, the pair didn't make any extra efforts that evening to bury the hatchet.

But according to a source, Tina waited for Jessica to leave the restaurant and spoke briefly with her former son-in-law. "She walked up to his table and said hello," says the source. "It was friendly. He was part of her family for years."