10/26/2010 03:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Washington State Officials Want To Ban Four Loko (WATCH)

Turns out "blackout in a can," the nickname for potent alcohol-caffeine drink Four Loko, is an apt moniker.

The drink has been identified as the reason why dozens of Central Washington University students fell ill -- nine were hospitalized -- at an off-campus party earlier this month. Investigators originally thought the students had been drugged.

A CWU student who wished to remain anonymous described the scene of the party to ABC: "These people were fighting for consciousness almost ... their eyes were rolling back in their head."

Central Washington has banned Four Loko, as has Ramapo College in New Jersey. The FDA is investigating the drink.

One can of Four Loko equates to six cans of light beer and two cups of coffee.

WATCH: ABC report on Four Loko's dangers: