10/27/2010 10:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ken Buck Won't Commit To Supporting Mitch McConnell As Majority Leader If GOP Takes Over Senate (VIDEO)

In an interview with Fox Business on Tuesday, Colorado Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck refused to say whether he would support current Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader should Republicans take back the Senate next week.

Fox host Neil Cavuto asked Buck directly whether he "would be for Mitch McConnell leading" a potential GOP majority in the Senate. "I'm gonna make that decision when we get there" Buck responded. "I am not gonna try to guess who's running and who's not running. I think Mitch McConnell understands that as more conservatives come into the Republican party in the Senate it will be a more conservative group, and I think he will lead it in that direction if he's the majority leader."

As The Hill points out, Buck is the latest Tea Party-backed Republican to avoid publicly answering the leadership question.

There has been much speculation that McConnell will be challenged for GOP leadership in what figures to be a more conservative Republican caucus after the mid-terms, although no Republican has publicly come forward as an alternative candidate. Many figure the most likely challenger to be South Carolina's Jim DeMint, who has established himself as a conservative leader in the Senate. DeMint has said he has no intention of becoming Majority Leader if the GOP wins back the Senate.

DeMint, who made a name for himself this year by endorsing upstart conservative candidates against more established--and often moderate--GOP contenders, endorsed Buck in his primary battle with Jane Norton.

Buck is currently locked in one of the nation's tightest primary battles with incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet. Most analysts say a GOP takeover of the Senate is possible, given current polling, but unlikely.