'Good Wife' Mocks Steppenwolf Theater Company (VIDEO)

Steppenwolf Theater Company is a Tony Award-winning company that helped launch the careers of Gary Sinise, John Malkovich and countless others. The Chicago institution brought Sam Shepard's "True West," Tracy Letts' brilliant "August: Osage County," and other critically acclaimed masterpieces to New York and the rest of the world.

But judging from last night's episode of "The Good Wife," you might think it was a high-school dinner theater troupe.

The CBS drama, set in Chicago and filmed in New York, centers around the wife of an adulterous politician. In the episode, she is attending a political fundraiser at a hotel ballroom, when out of the blue, the host announces that the Steppenwolf Theater Company will be performing as dinner is served.

What follows is a painfully bad set of scenes about a young, British-accented farm boy and his beloved "moo-cow," who is sent off to war.

Words don't do the scene justice; watch it below. But it makes you wonder: what Steppenwolf were they thinking about here? Is this how New Yorkers view culture in "flyover country?" That any theater that's not in New York is just amateur hour? Or are we taking this too personally?

Watch the clip from "The Good Wife: