'South Park' Weighs In On The Brett Favre Sexting Scandal (VIDEO)

Last night's episode of "South Park" brought back a character from a few seasons ago, Eric Cartman's caped crusader "The Coon," but also introduced a new superhero with a hilarious premise: Captain Hindsight. His super power? He can only tell you what you should have done if you find yourself in peril.

For instance, when BP has another oil spill and calls Capt. Hindsight for backup, they thank him profusely for telling them what emergency precautions they should have taken, instead of actually stopping the spill.

Captain Hindsight's power of reflection does end up coming in handy, however, for letting "South Park" writers give their two cents on the Brett Favre sexting scandal.

In the clip below, Cartman, who created a union of kid superheroes called "The Coon & Friends," approaches Captain hindsight to join his group. Hindsight explains that he only works alone, and meanwhile uses his powers to offer some valuable advice to Brett Favre.