10/29/2010 06:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Karl Rove Bashed By Conservative As 'Our Joe Biden'

GOP strategist Karl Rove has been ruffling feathers on the right over the past few weeks, a trend that drew a critical analogy on Thursday, that his supposed gaffe-prone nature has made him the Republicans' "Joe Biden."

Speaking about Rove's latest vexation of conservative momentum, a critical comment he made recently about Sarah Palin's lack of presidential "gravitas," conservative radio show host Mark Levin assailed the former Bush brain, calling him "yesterday's operative" who had a problem keeping his mouth shut.

The Daily Caller reports:

"You know, Karl Rove is sort of becoming our Joe Biden, how many times he puts his foot in his mouth," said Levin, an attorney who was chief of staff to the attorney general in the Reagan administration. "I think he's got a Joe Biden problem."

"There is a conservative uprising taking place, a conservative rebellion against Washington, against big government. And I don't happen to think Rove and those guys are exactly the best face to put on it, because they had nothing to do with it. And in part - you want to know the truth? - in part it's a reaction to them," Levin said.

While Vice President Biden's brand of verbal mishaps often manifest themselves more as actual gaffes, Karl Rove's recent string of comments appear more indicative of an apprehension about the current direction of the GOP, making the analogy perhaps a bit stretched.

Rove stirred speculation earlier this month that there was a serious divide between establishment Republicans and the new breed of Tea Party conservatives when he characterized the movement as "not sophisticated," a comment that drew harsh rebukes from Rush Limbaugh. Mike Huckabee also later retaliated, saying that such criticism of certain party elements that had been brought into the GOP fold was a fault of the "elitism" and "country club attitude" of some Republicans. Rove said that Huckabee later apologized.