11/01/2010 10:43 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Shows Political Parties Put Their Ads In: NYT Study

With more money than ever being poured into political advertisements, the New York Times decided to look at which television shows each party is placing the most ads onto.

The Times' study found that, far and away, Republicans like placing their ads on sports shows, such as NBC's "Sunday Night Football," and crime dramas like "Criminal Minds," while Democrats prefer comedies such as "Two and a Half Men" and shows that draw a large female audience, like "Rachael Ray."

The Times, working with the National Media Research group, found that, for example, a whopping 74% of the political ads seen during "Saturday Night College Football" were in support of Republicans. By contrast, 63% of the ads on ABC's family drama "Brothers and Sisters" favored Democrats. Other big Democratic targets included "Burn Notice," "Dr. Phil" and "Smallville," while Republicans also advertised heavily on Nascar shows, baseball games and "America's Funniest Home Videos."

In interviews with the paper, advertising analysts said that each party was trying to reach its supporters in the most effective way. For instance, "women and especially single women are a very reliable voting bloc for Democrats," analyst Evan Tracey told the Times. "That's why you see a lot of Democrats being aimed at in those programs. That's an important turnout audience for them."

The one show that both parties both like to place ads in? "Dancing With The Stars."

For the full list, read the Times' story here.