11/03/2010 08:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Crystal Renn Picks Up Cosmopolitan Award, Tells Glamour Conference She Reads What People Say About Her (PHOTOS)

Crystal Renn appears to be everybody's woman of the year. The model made a stop in London on Tuesday night, where she picked up her statue at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year awards. Crystal won in the "Ultimate Catwalk" category. She wore all black for the occasion, with a full, textured skirt.

Earlier in the week, Crystal spoke at the Glamour Women of the Year conference at 92Y in N.Y.C., where she explained that designers need to make bigger sample sizes:

I think that the solution would be to make the sample size an 8 or a 10. It's currently a 2, or a 4 if you're very lucky. If you made it an 8 or a 10, then bigger girls -- even 12s and 14s -- could somehow get into the clothes, and also the 8s and 6s and 4s and 2s could have the clothes pinned on. [....]Right now, we're all talking all the time about how we want to see fuller-figured women in fashion, but that's really impossible unless we have the clothes.

She also said that she reads what people write about her and her size:

I absolutely read what people say about me, because I want to know where we're weak in this whole conversation. So I read blog comments. And one person will say, 'Wow, she's so fat. Look at her. She's so obese.' And then right underneath, someone else will say, 'Look how emaciated she is. She's so anorexic.' Fat is relative. One person's thin is someone else's so-called fat.

Anyway, take a look at Crystal in London on Tuesday night: