11/03/2010 10:30 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Harry Reid Election Results Spur Questions About Sharron Angle's Political Future

Sharron Angle's fervid quest for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's seat ended Tuesday night with a peculiar concession speech that had many asking themselves a number of questions. Why she was boasting about out-of-state campaign donations? Why would she tout her voter turnout numbers that couldn't deliver her the victory? Most importantly, however, when would they next see one of the election cycle's most dynamic and controversial figures on the political stage?

In a run for governor, perhaps?

She may have hinted at such aspirations -- or maybe just slipped up -- when she concluded her speech by saying, "We all have the right Angle for governor -- for government."

Whatever the case, though Angle's performance at the polls ended with a relative whimper, especially considering the high expectations in her ability to cripple the three-headed Obama-Pelosi-Reid hydra by defeating the Democratic Senate leader, many believe that her return to politics, whether at a state or national level, is likely.

The Reno Gazette-Journal has laid out a few potential areas that Angle could explore, including smaller contests for state senate, or for a House seat in Nevada's 3rd Congressional District, a possibility that could be opened if its current occupant, Republican Dean Heller, decides to challenge Sen. John Ensign in the run up to 2012.

The Gazette-Journal lays out another scenario, however, that speculates Angle won't be fully departing the spotlight anytime soon.

Or, Angle, with her strong conservative base, could become the Sarah Palin of Nevada and champion the campaigns of constitutionally conservative candidates.

Perhaps then, like a late-blooming Palin, Angle will set up shop on right-wing media channels and stake her claim on the 2012 political landscape, biding her time for her next big calling.