11/09/2010 02:05 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Chicago's Best And Worst: Pizza, Weather, The Skyline And More

Travel & Leisure magazine has released their annual "America's Favorite Cities" listings, and, being self-conscious Chicagoans, we wanted to see how our city fared.

Overall, we think we cleaned up where it matters. Yes, everyone knows the weather here isn't always peachy-keen. But otherwise, we're doing pretty well for ourselves.

An interesting fact about the listings: this year, they've broken the ratings out into "According to visitors" and "According to residents." The differences are noteworthy -- for instance, visitors thought the Chicago populace was significantly more diverse, intelligent and stylish than we rated ourselves.

That should count as a win in another category: humility.

Anyway, we picked out a few of Chicago's biggest wins and losses from the list. Tell us which ones you agree with, which you dispute, and what categories we got short shrift in.

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Chicago's Best And Worst: Pizza, Winters, The Skyline And More