11/12/2010 11:47 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'30 Rock' Takes On The Tea Party (VIDEO)

Last night's "30 Rock" held the most overtly political content the show has ever done. Jack, plagued by his new nemesis (Queen Latifah), looks to another congressional candidate to unseat her. And, while the words "tea party" were never mentioned, he finds her opponent in the race to be a gun-toting, government-hating crazy person. Steve Austin (his name is actually Steven Austin but he thinks being mistaken for the wrestler will help him in the polls) thinks that government should be small, but not figuratively, literally. "If we have to have government, make it as small as possible: dwarves, tiny buildings, pizza bagels for lunch." The theme of his campaign (meant to evoke a national rebirth) is "I'm a baby" so all his campaign gear reads "Goo goo, ga ga."

At the same time, Liz Lemon bought jeans that made her look fantastic. They were "handmade in the USA" from a "store saving the world"--or so she thought. Jack revealed that her magic jeans came from a company owned by Halliburton and "USA" is an island prison for the Vietnamese slave community of "Handmade." (He also noted that Halliburton owns the New York Times.)

Liz and Jack had to decide whether or not to support things bad for the country/world and ultimately made the right decisions.