Underbelly Project: More Arrests Plague Intrepid Gallery Seekers

NYPD have arrested 20 people for sneaking into The Underbelly Project, the hidden subway street-art gallery located somewhere in Williamsburg.

The adventuring art enthusiasts arriving to the site with climbing gear, flashlights and spray cans have recently been met by a team of police officers officially stationed at the site. The NYPD and MTA made it clear, however, that the police presence assigned to the Underbelly Project is solely to deter visitors, not to harm the art in any way. The New York Times reports:

While the police are taking a hard line on keeping people away -- "This is not an art gallery; this is completely illegal," one officer said -- the paintings in what the artists called the Underbelly Project are likely to live on. Subway officials said they had no plans to paint over the artwork, even if they sincerely hoped nobody ever got to see it again.

"We have no intention of disturbing the works," said Deirdre Parker, a spokeswoman forNew York City Transit.

Don't feel like spending the weekend in jail? Click through our slideshow of the gallery (photographs courtesy of Luna Park):