11/15/2010 10:16 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Anni Dewani, British Newlywed, Found Dead After South Africa Honeymoon Carjacking

A British man's newlywed bliss turned to horror when his wife was killed in a carjacking while on their South African honeymoon, the AFP is reporting.

Shrien and Anni Dewani had been married for just two weeks when their shuttle service car was targeted in Gugulethu township, just outside of Cape Town, on Saturday evening. The couple, who had been touring local vineyards, was abducted at gunpoint. Shrien, 31, was later forced from the car while gunmen drove off with 28-year-old Anni, according to the Associated Press.

The Guardian reports that Shrien, a British native, was taken to a nearby police station in Harare, where he appeared unharmed. The body of Anni, who was a Swedish national of Ugandan-Asian descent, was discovered early Sunday in the back seat of the abandoned car.

The murder has left both the groom and his family understandably devastated, while officials in Cape Town -- South Africa's leading tourist destination -- have expressed shock at the crime. As Tammy Evans, a spokeswoman for the Western Cape provincial government, told the Guardian:

"The tourism safety and support team have been at the scene since 7.20 [yesterday] morning. We arranged counselling and accommodation for the husband. We are obviously devastated by the tragedy. We have had no incidents from the World Cup up until now."

Cape Town officials have vowed an "intense" investigation, according to Sky News.