11/16/2010 02:28 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Garmental Brings Chicago Fashion To Your Fingertips (PHOTOS)

If you want to support local fashion, but are in need of a little guidance, Chicagoans Suzanne Kopulos and Korey Karnes Huyler can help.

Kopulos and Karnes Huyler are the co-founders of, an online fashion guide that started in May. Each day, the site features a new outfit, and tells readers where they can snag one of their own. aims to support the local fashion industry and emerging designers by working with over 50 independent boutiques.

"No one is doing what we're doing," Kopulos told HuffPost Chicago. "No online resource shows you local fashion and shows you where to find it."

The fashion-friendly Garmental team wants to offer readers a window-shopping experience before walking through the doors of a boutique.

"People always think of New York and L.A. [for fashion] first, and leave Chicago in the middle, but we have amazing style and shopping here," Kopulos said of their decision to launch the site in Chicago.

The team plans on expanding Garmental into five cities by the end of next year.

Be on the lookout for Garmental's new blog, which launches Nov. 22. Kopulos and Huyler will feature their wardrobe wish list, private lists of sales, shoe reports and more.

Check out the ladies of Garmental and some of their favorite Chicago styles here: