11/16/2010 03:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

N.J. Nonprofit Pairs Needy Homeowners With Homeless Helpers

In the wake of the national housing crisis, many homeowners have found themselves bunking up with boarders or roommates in order to keep up with their mortgage payments. Others have found themselves suddenly booted out of their residences and without anywhere to go.

One nonprofit that has provided roommate-pairing services for the past 26 years has seen demand for matching services shoot up in response to the recession.

HomeSharing partners homeowners in need of financial assistance, companionship, health or child care with compatible tenants in need of shelter. The nonprofit was originally designed as an "affordable housing alternative," and has since paired over 18,000 people of varying backgrounds.

The New Jersey Star Ledger profiled Lee Davis, who was living in a shelter when he was matched with Jeannette Brown, who was going through chemotherapy treatments.

While Brown offered Davis a new home, he cared for her during her illness -- just one of many mutually beneficial pairings that has kept the organization afloat and inspired the community.

To help support this service or learn more about the organization, visit HomeSharing.