11/16/2010 05:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Oak Park Man Builds A Cupcake Car (VIDEO)

A stay-at-home Oak Park dad looking for something to do while his daughter napped in the afternoon decided to start a rather unusual project: creating a cupcake car.

Don Rutledge was introduced to the concept of cupcake cars at the Burning Man festival, and told WGN reporter Marcus Leshock he enjoys the looks he gets from neighbors who see a giant, mobile pink cupcake with a bearded head sticking out of it.

It took Rutledge two months to make his cupcake car.

"The driver of the cupcake sits in the center, surrounded by a large metal tin, a wood cover, and pink felt with ping pong balls serving as sprinkles," Leschock explained on his Chicago Now blog.

WATCH Rutledge and his new ride take over Oak Park here: