11/18/2010 04:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Advice For Young Girls From A Cartoon Princess (VIDEO)

The Second City Network has already shown us how absolutely insane Disney "princesses" like The Little Mermaid and Belle from "Beauty & The Beast" sound when you spell out the lessons they inadvertently teach, and now they're back with another hilarious installment of "Advice For Young Girls From A Cartoon Princess."

This time, Snow White offers her life advice for girls who one day hope to live a fairy tale existence such as hers. For example, you can always trust older woman who are ugly to help you, but watch out for the pretty ones! They're evil. Also, if you're ever lost in the woods, just head inside the first house that looks open, especially if it looks like a bunch of weird, little, old men live there. She also reminds you that you should never eat fruit. Are you listening girls? NEVER.