11/18/2010 12:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Julie Bowen & More Work Celebrity Phone Bank On National Unfriend Day (VIDEO)

Yesterday was the much-touted "National Unfriend Day," a holiday created by "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in honor of eliminating your Facebook friendships with people who clog up your news feed with excessive pleas for attention -- or in Jimmy Kimmel's words, "maybe not save the world, but make the world a little less annoying."

Not only does the governor of California approve of the sentiment, Jimmy Kimmel hired a telethon-style phone bank of celebrities on site to help people with any problems they may have with cutting those Facebook ties. Comedy stalwarts Kevin Nealon and Fred Willard, as well as the very funny Julie Bowen of "Modern Family" were on telephone duty like the concerned celebrities they are.

Check out the clip from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" below to see celebrities volunteer their time for this noble cause.