11/19/2010 02:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cemitas Puebla Offers Free Chalupas Through November, Delicious Sandwiches Always

Cemitas Puebla isn't a secret to the connoisseurs of great Chicago Mexican food. It's been featured on a few local TV shows, and plenty of food columns, even receiving favorable comparisons to the venerable Rick Bayless's sandwiches at Xoco. (Scroll down for video clips of Cemitas.)

The Humboldt Park restaurant specializes in cemitas, a sandwich that's commonly served as Mexican street fare. Owner Tony Anteliz won't disclose the name of the baker who makes his heavenly hand-formed cemita rolls, but the spices for his sauce come straight from Puebla, Oaxaca, where his father regularly flies to pick up cinnamon, oregano, and morita chipotles. Papalo, a green herb that tops the sandwiches, is grown in Anteliz's backyard garden.

The result: a divine sandwich, at truly street-food prices.

But Anteliz is apparently not content to let the food and the reviewers speak for themselves. Instead, he's hoping to drive business to Cemitas Puebla with an offer too good to refuse.

From now until the end of November, Cemitas is giving away a free chalupas appetizer to one and all. Click here for the printable coupon.

At already terrific prices, with free appetizers and always-delicious food, it does make you wonder: who needs Bayless?

[A hearty sombrero-tip to Chicagoist.]

Ted Brunson enjoys a cemita:


As does Marcus Leshock: