11/19/2010 12:45 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Daniel Shana Threatens To Inflict "Columbine Take 2" On Lynn University Students

Lynn University student Daniel Alexander Shana, 20, was charged on Thursday with two counts of threats to kill or cause bodily harm as well as two counts of extortion due to postings on his Facebook wall that threatened to inflict "Columbine take 2" at the school, reports the Providence Journal.

Shana also wrote that he had "just purchased the ruger SR9c 9mm" and had "just registered for my firearms license hahahahahaha get scared..."

Shana is going back to his home town of Barrington, R.I., following his mother's payment of $50,000 toward his $500,000 bond. For now, Shana is banned from using the internet or maintaining contact with ex-girlfriend Chelsea Clarke, 18, and her new boyfriend - both of whom were allegedly targeted in his virtual threats.

After students made university security aware of the disturbing posts, Boca Raton police took Shana to the South County Health Center and later to St. Mary's Medical Center to be evaluated, according to the Palm Beach Post. Shanan later told police that he was "tired of people picking on him and wanted to scare them into leaving him alone."

Shana's attorney David M. Edelstein told the Post that Shana never intended to follow through on his threats, and that he was under the influence of alcohol when he wrote and posted the statements.

Boca Raton police officials, however, believe that Shana's words indicated an intention to act. Police spokesperson Officer Sandra Boonenberg told the Providence Journal that "the detectives found he had viewed videos about Columbine, and looked into information about purchasing weapons and how to commit murder," She added, "It gave legitimacy to his threats."

Shana has been suspended from Lynn and will not be allowed back on campus.

Below, watch WPTV's coverage of the case:

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