11/19/2010 04:28 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

LUMENHAUS Powers Up Downtown (PHOTOS)

LUMENHAUS was designed by a group of Virginia Tech students looking to create a home that could be completely powered by the sun. And now, you can see it for yourself.

The solar powered home will be in Millennium Park through Nov. 20. Those visiting the house during the day can meet the students and professors who helped build the power saving home.

LUMENHAUS is completely self-operated. It automatically responds to weather changes to maximize energy efficiency. Some of the additional eco-friendly perks include radiant heating and renewable or recycled building materials.

"Lumen" translates to "the power of light" and "haus" refers to the Bauhaus movement, an approach to design that architect Mies Van Der Rohe practiced. His Farnsworth House inspired LUMENHAUS's design.

Check out some photos of LUMENHOUS here: