11/20/2010 11:47 am ET Updated 6 days ago

Food Safety: Roaches, Mice, Bacteria On Menu At Some Mall Food Courts (VIDEO)

Rodents, cockroaches, bare hands touching your food -- these are the things you may have to worry about the next time you find yourself in the food court of the local mall.

Hundreds of inspection reports uncovered by NBC News outlined the food safety violations at some of America's most popular malls.

"Food courts may be more risky than your average restaurant, because of their tight spaces and higher volumes. They can start cutting corners," says food safety expert Cindy Rice.

In Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace, 43 percent of vendors were found to have critical violations in their Food Establishment Inspection Reports; 68 percent had violations at the Mall of America, and 84 percent at South Street Seaport in New York City.


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