11/22/2010 05:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Meghan McCain Wants To 'Kick Obama's Ass' In 2012

Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Sen. John McCain, might be seeking to avenge her father's 2008 presidential loss by becoming a GOP strategist next election season in order to "kick Obama's ass" in 2012.

"I've already had people interested in me working, which is unbelievably flattering," McCain said at the Miami Book Fair International while promoting her book, "Dirty Sexy Politics," Politico reports. "I want to go out and do it all over again with somebody else -- I want to go get a Republican elected. I want to kick Obama's ass the next election and get a Republican elected."

While McCain has been a somewhat divisive figure during her ascent to the forefront of the young, new brand of conservatism, she accused Obama over the weekend of having "done little to nothing with his administration."

Earlier this year McCain shed some light on the dramatic internal struggles of her father's 2008 campaign, saying that the unrefined Sarah Palin caused "panic" in the candidate's ranks. She later admitted in her book that her father's choice of Sarah Palin as vice president made her cry.

Meghan McCain has also repeatedly dodged questions about potentially supporting or voting for Palin if she were to win the Republican nomination in 2012, saying in September that she was a member of "Team Romney."

She also expressed some concern about Palin's ability to win the general election in a recent interview with Fox News, saying that she was "overwhelmingly polarizing" and "maybe the most polarizing figure of our time."

In an appearance on "The Tonight Show," McCain took a swipe at Sarah Palin's "unpresidential" reality TV show and even went after the former Alaska Governor's daughter, Bristol Palin.