11/22/2010 06:28 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Volunteering In Los Angeles

Text Courtesy of Your Daily Thread

By Colleen Donnelly

Pause, reflect and give back.

In these tough economic times you may have trained yourself to go a mile a minute. Efficiency has become your middle name. To stay ahead of the holiday season, you've planned out your Black Friday checklist, one store sale (or Foursquare promo) at a time. But wait. There's something going on this Thursday, right? Shoot! You forgot to pencil in Thanksgiving.

Sounds like you need to pause, reflect and give back. Whether football, turkey or parades are your thing, take some time out of your Thanksgiving holiday to express gratitude and lend a helping hand. And while you too are still feeling the effects of the down economy, there are people right in your community who are worse off.

Volunteering for Thanksgiving

You have a lot going on. But remember to pencil in giving on your Thanksgiving checklist -The results will be gratifying.