11/24/2010 01:59 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Fatima, 4-Year-Old Deaf Iraqi Girl, Given The Ability To Hear In India (VIDEO)

Though her parents had initially lost all hope, a deaf Iraqi girl has been granted the ability to hear thanks to a team of tireless Indian doctors, the BBC is reporting.

Four-year-old Fatima had never even heard the sound of her mother's voice, but Delhi surgeons utilized a groundbreaking form of microsurgery to conduct what is called an auditory brainstem implant. As the BBC reports, Fatima's case was particularly challenging to treat as she had been born with no inner ear and no hearing nerve.

"It is the complexity of this procedure -- because it is a neurosurgical procedure in a very young child -- that makes this case so peculiar," one of Fatima's doctor told the BBC. Medical tourism is a thriving business in India, and the expertise of the Delhi surgeons came at an affordable price for Fatima's family than it would have in their native Iraq.

Watch the full BBC report here.