11/26/2010 12:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Funniest Thanksgiving FAILS From HuffPost Readers! (PHOTOS)

Like many families today, you're probably still cleaning up after yesterday's Thanksgiving feast, or at least sifting through leftovers to make that classic day-after turkey sandwich. Hopefully your Thanksgiving went off without a hitch, but some of you undoubtedly encountered a few snags in your celebration, or Thanksgiving "fails." At the beginning of the week we asked you to send in your Thanksgiving disaster stories, and now we present to you the 26 funniest ones. You guys have been through a lot, including charred/frozen/inedible turkeys, run ins with the fire department, break ups, drunk family members and even a few pranks. Read them all and soon you'll agree: perfect Thanksgivings are overrated. If things were always perfect, we wouldn't have heard these amazing stories. Vote for your favorite!