11/29/2010 04:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rahm Emanuel's New Ad Highlights Fighting For Jobs (VIDEO)

Though it's still early in the race for Chicago's next mayor, Rahm Emanuel is already taking advantage of his massive war chest.

The former White House Chief of Staff had more than $1 million in his federal campaign fund at the end of September, and has been aggressively raising funds for his mayoral candidacy since then.

His advantage in cash over his opponents -- Carol Moseley Braun, one of his chief rivals, began the race in over $250,000 of debt; Gery Chico, another leading competitor, had less than $20,000 on hand -- has led to an early edge in media as well. Today, Emanuel released his second television ad. (Scroll down to watch.)

The new spot, "Tenacity," is a minute-long ad highlighting Emanuel's role in keeping the tiny Chicago Paper Tube & Can Company from moving to Wisconsin.

It follows his first ad, "Tough," a 30-second spot introducing voters to Rahm and giving a broad-strokes outline of his vision for the city. That spot has gotten significant airtime on local stations; no word yet on the size of the buy for the new commercial.

None of his opponents have purchased airtime yet, likely because they can't yet afford to. If they want to keep Emanuel from running away with this thing, as recent polls suggest he might, they'll need to get on the air soon.

Watch Rahm's new spot: