11/30/2010 12:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Conan Feuds With Taiwanese Animators Over 'Cheap, Knock-Off' CGI (VIDEO)

Often the subject of Taiwanese animations produced by, Conan O'Brien made his own "Taiwanese animation" last week recounting a kitchen disagreement between himself and sidekick Andy Richter -- and unwittingly started a mock feud with the actual animators.

In retaliation, produced their own animation attacking O'Brien which he showed last night, claiming that his show aired a "cheap knock-off produced by a gang of cheap American child labor" before connecting Conan with nefarious activities at Neverland Ranch and demanding either the repossession of his blimp or custody of Richter for a Chinese zoo.'s animations are often as delightfully loopy as O'Brien himself, so we welcome any additional comebacks from either party. Check out last night's segment where Conan shows NMA's retaliation video and below that, Conan's "knock off" animation that sparked their indignation.