11/30/2010 04:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

3.8 Quake Hit 80 Miles Off New York Tuesday

The biggest earthquake in 18 years hit the New York area at 10:46 AM Tuesday morning. The US Geological Survey says the epicenter of the 3.8 quake was in the Atlantic Ocean off the shore of New Jersey and New York, far away from anything else to do serious damage. However residents of Long Island reported feeling a low tremor. "It was a short rumble, a really low rumble," Smithtown resident Eric Weaver told the Long Island Press.

Richard Perez-Pena of the New York Times felt the effects of the quake:

For me, it was almost a bit of nostalgia. I spent most of my life in the Los Angeles area, and I have been in countless "hey, was that an earthquake or are you bobbing your leg?" tremors like this one, as well as several of the "run to the doorway and hang on for dear life" variety.

So I was pretty sure what had just happened. Still, sitting in my house in Bergen County in New Jersey, I had to wonder. I listened and looked out the window for the truck that might have rumbled by, but there was no truck. I wondered if my 11-year-old was dancing or running up the stairs, and then I remembered that he was in school.

Did any of you experience the quake this morning?