11/30/2010 11:50 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

US-Obama Approval: 48% Approve, 48% Disapprove (AP-CNBC 11/18-22)

11/18-22/10; 1,000 adults, 4.3% margin of error
Mode: Live telephone interviews
Topline results, CNBC story


State of the Country
35% Right Direction, 61% Wrong Track (chart)

Obama Job Approval
48% Approve, 48% Disapprove (chart)

Party ID
29% Democrat, 24% Republican, 44% independent (chart)
With leaners: 45% Democrat, 42% Republican, 10% independent


A majority of Americans believe taxes will have to be raised and government services will have to be reduced in order to cut the federal deficit, according to a new CNBC-Associated Press poll.

However, there is sharp disagreement over which taxes should be raised and which services should be reduced.

The two most popular options among poll respondents: cutting the number of federal workers and freezing the salaries of federal workers. Coincidentally, President Obama on Monday announced a plan to freeze the pay of government workers in order to save as much as $60 billion over the next decade.