Kelly Barrie Opens His Studio To Beautiful/Decay | STUDIO VISIT (PHOTOS)

Courtesy of Beautiful/Decay

The other day I swung by the studio of photographer Kelly Barrie. Kelly's artistic process is one of the more bizarre and unique methods I've seen in quite a while. It involves multiple photos, a darkroom squeegee, photo luminescent pigment, and Kelly's feet. Intrigued? Click on the handy "Read More" button to find out how Kelly creates photo magic with a lil help from his feet.

Like most artists, Kelly stumbled onto his process by accident. While walking barefoot in his studio he noticed his dusty footprints on backdrop paper that had rolled onto the floor. Intriqued with how the dust print became a drawing Kelly decided to photograph the footprint. After a few trials with photo luminescent pigment and a some fancy footwork a new body of work was born!
Each image is constructed by Kelly literally drawing the image with his feet and photo luminescent pigment. Kelly has developed quite a large body of footsteps to create various marks and lines in each image.

There's a great painterly quality to these photographs. From a distance they look like paintings framed behind glass. Only when you get closer do you realize that what you're looking at is really an ephemeral image constructed and then photographed. Once the work is photographed the drawings are destroyed.

To see the full visit and learn more, check out Beautiful/Decay.

Beautiful/Decay Visits Kelly Barrie