12/10/2010 08:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

10 Places Around The World For Shopaholics (PHOTOS)

If your heart starts palpitating at the mere sight of a 'sale' sign, or if you've been known to elbow other shoppers out of the way for getting between you and those must-have boots, this list is for you.
has rounded up the world's 10 best cities for shopaholics for those of you who plan your vacations with retail therapy built in - whether you're in the market for high fashion, fancy baubles, or even an unusual pet,'s editors have got a destination for you. So pay off some credit card debt and hit the road - but don't blame them when the bills come in.

Text, photos, and captions courtesy of, adapted from "Top 10 Cities for Shopaholics."