12/14/2010 07:47 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

'Black Swan' Star Natalie Portman Talks 'Vulgar' Movies, Lesbian Sex Scenes In Vogue

Natalie Portman's 'Black Swan' sex scene with Mila Kunis is the talk of show business -- and she knows exactly why.

"Lesbian scenes, sex scenes, they're all over the place!" said Portman, who graces the cover of January's Vogue Magazine. "But because it's me, people are shocked. I see the value of a good-girl persona--it's so easy to subvert it!"

In reality, Portman doesn't see herself as quite the innocent girl that she's perceived as being. In fact, she's started an entire production company devoted to raunchy women comedies -- think Judd Apatow with bras and panties.

"We're very into female comedies; there just aren't enough," Portman said in explaining her new venture, Handsomcharlie Films. "There's a difference between being in a bra and underpants as an object on a men's-magazine cover and playing yourself--a woman with desires and needs who loves and laughs with her friends--in a bra and underpants.

"You become an object if you simply put it out there," the star continued. "Most movies are made by men, it's totally natural that they're going to present their worldview, so we're trying to find more women who are writers and directors who are expressing their worldview."

Actually, it's been an evolving mission statement for the production company. Formed in 2007, Handsomecharlie Films initially sought to provide, "socially relevant films," with Portman setting lofty goals.

"We all have the same desire to make meaningful and artistically fulfilling films and are committed to the idea of stories leading to greater empathy and action for world issues," she said in a 2007 statement.

That being said, as Portman has begun to subvert her reputation as a "good girl" and enter the world of comedy, her mission to create relatable female comedy, to her, is also a worthy cause.

Speaking about then-23 year old indie filmmaker Lena Dunham's film 'Tiny Furniture,' Portman, gushes about the possibilities. "he walks around in her underwear for the whole movie; it's harsh. She's the subject, she's not the object, and it's beautiful--that's the kind of thing we need more of."

For much more on Portman, including her ballet past and intense training for 'Black Swan,' click over to Vogue Magazine.

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