12/15/2010 02:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Seth Green Sics Humping Robot On Conan Doll (VIDEO)

On Tuesday's episode of "Conan," "Robot Chicken" creator Seth Green brought along an actual Conan doll, bringing much amusement at the expense of the host himself.

In what turned out to be just like a stop-motion "Robot Chicken" short, Green used the O'Brien doll to show how "angry" Conan was after not being named one of Barbara Walters' "Most Fascinating People." He even produced photos of the doll on a tour of New York that ended with him going to the set of "The View" and personally asking Barbara why celebrities like The Situation and Sarah Palin beat O'Brien for a spot on the list.

After wrapping up the segment, Green brought out the Conan doll once again, this time for a less savory purpose. Regular viewers of "Robot Chicken" will recognize a prominent character on the show, a robot who can't help but get frisky with other mechanical objects. Throw the Conan doll in the mix, and, well, try not to giggle and blush.

Green's adventures with the Conan doll starts at around 3:44.