12/16/2010 11:28 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bruce Dale Pictures For National Geographic Over 30 Years (PHOTOS)

Bruce Dale spent 30 years traveling the world as a staff photographer for National Geographic.

As you can imagine, he has a treasure trove of highlights from such a long and distinguished career, and he's put together a video showcasing some of his favorite moments and pictures.

Dale narrates the video, detailing how and why he took the pictures, and you're sure to come away impressed by and envious of the incredible stories that these photos illustrate.

The video includes pictures from "10 trips to China beginning in the late 1970's, the hologram cover for the 100th anniversary edition, and mounting a camera on the tail of a jumbo jet for in-flight photographs."

WATCH: (via BuzzFeed)

30 Years of BAD Pictures from Bruce Dale on Vimeo.