12/17/2010 05:37 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tali Lennox, Annie's Daughter, Kicks Off Modeling Career (PHOTOS)

This week, The Cut caught up with runway newcomer Tali Lennox, daughter of rocker Annie Lennox. The 17-year-old is signed with Next Models and has already graced the catwalk for Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Burberry and Missoni. Tali said, "My family is very supportive; they have a lot of faith and trust in me. I talk through every aspect of my job with my mum, and she's given me a lot of self-belief and wisdom. I don't talk about it that much with most of my friends. It's nice to be with people who are detached from the industry."

She also shared her most memorable experience from the last season of shows:

Speeding through Milan on a motorcycle in heels and a minidress, trying to get from the Missoni show to the Versus show, being over four hours late. I rushed in and had four people doing my hair, two people doing my makeup, and another two on nails and toes all at the same time. I heard an Italian woman repeatedly calling "Tali, Tali! Where is Tali?" I finally make it to the backstage line where all the other girls are already lined up and see that the woman calling for me is Donatella Versace! The show set was like a playground, and I felt like the naughty girl at fashion school!

Check out some images of Tali on and off the runway.