12/20/2010 04:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bar-Goer Tossed To The Curb By Bouncer FOUR Times (VIDEO)

It happens to everyone -- the holidays come around, and suddenly the spread of Christmas and/or Hannukah cheer becomes an urgent compulsion. Tuesday becomes the new Wednesday becomes the new Friday, and suddenly every day is a reason to celebrate. Perhaps as a way to stave the oncoming darkness of winter and soul-numbing introspection of New Year's, you party a little too hard, and then you confront the giant bouncer outside of midtown bar Clancy's, and he throws you down on the ground, and you get up, dust off your navy blazer and confront him again, and he tosses you like a rag doll onto the wet curb. You repeat this action three more times while a nearby man films you. Then someone else comes along and loses his Santa hat in his hoodie for about a minute while his buddy searches for it under his shirt. A common story.

[VIA NYC The Blog]

It's hard to watch, but harder not to: