12/20/2010 12:22 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Best Shopping Cities In The U.S., According To Forbes

Forbes released its list of the best shopping cities in the U.S., and as a whole, it's quite surprising. Coming in first was Houston, second was Dallas and third was Baltimore. New York placed 22nd -- well after Phoenix, Denver and Detroit.

So how were the rankings decided? Forbes writes:

In compiling our list of America's best cities for shopping, we took the interests of all types to heart to find the urban centers with the best combination of options, ease and affordability.

Of the 525 major shopping centers in the country's biggest cities, there are nearly 257 million square feet of gross leasable retail area, according to data provided by Esri, a geographic information systems firm that tracks the leasable area of major U.S. shopping centers of over 225,000 square feet. Of that, nearly a quarter of the retail space (87,879,057 square feet) is in the Lone Star state, more than explaining how three Texan cities landed in our top ten cities for shopping. Like their football and BBQ, Texans take their shopping seriously.

Here's the full list. Let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Houston, TX

2. Dallas, TX

3. Baltimore, MD

4. Columbus, OH

5. Indianapolis, IN

6. Philadelphia, PA

7. Phoenix, AZ

8. San Antonio, TX

9. Jacksonville, FL

10. San Diego, CA

11. Charlotte, NC

12. Austin, TX

13. Denver, CO

14. Detroit, MI

15. Chicago, IL

16. Los Angeles, CA

17. Milwaukee, WI

18. Boston, MA

19. Nashville, TN

20. San Jose, CA

21. El Paso, TX

22. New York, NY

23. Memphis, TN

24. Seattle, WA

25. San Francisco, CA