12/20/2010 04:23 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Most GWU Students Misinformed About Sexual Assault On Campus, Study Shows

The majority of George Washington University students are misinformed regarding post-sexual assault procedures on campus, according to a new study released by the Sexual Violence Awareness Group at GWU's medical school and the Younger Women's Task Force.

Report authors Megan Evans and Shannon Lynberg analyzed the responses of 1,031 undergraduate and graduate GWU students. They found that there was a consistent difference between how men and women responded as well as between the responses of students of different years, and that most students are misinformed regarding post-assault procedures. Some notable findings include:

  • 89 percent of respondents mistakenly believe that Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) offer rape kits at GWU Hospital -- such kits are only available at Washington Hospital Center.
  • 71 percent reported feeling confident that GW has the resources to help assault victims
  • 61 percent believe sexual assault to be a problem on campus
  • 16 percent of female respondents reported knowing a victim of assault, as opposed to 11 percent of male respondents
  • 63 percent of responding females believe sexual assault to be a problem at GW, and 56 percent of male respondents agreed
  • For the most part, a higher percentage of older students thought sexual assault was a problem on campus than younger students

The survey's authors believe that the discrepancy between the amount of reported cases of sexual assault -- 3.5 percent of female students per year -- and the significantly higher amount of students who believe assault to be a problem exists due to unreported incidents.

The preliminary report has more recommendations and statistics. What do you think of these findings? Share your opinion in the comments section.