12/20/2010 04:31 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin Book Signing Draws Disappointing Attendance, Woman Wearing 'Worst Governor Ever' Shirt

Sarah Palin received a chilly reception in Alaska over the weekend, as the Anchorage Daily News reports that the former governor's first public appearance in the state since October drew a weak turnout and even a few protesters.

Palin's planned book signing at an Anchorage Costco was organized to accommodate 1,000 people, though in the end, less than 500 braved the nearly subzero temperatures. One came wearing a "Worst Governor Ever" shirt, and another was an anti-Palin blogger, according to the Daily News account.

Trevor Desatoff, general manager of the Costco, likened the differing opinions of Palin to "skim milk."

"Some of our members want this and some don't," Desatoff told the Daily News. "It's kind of like skim milk. Some people want it; some don't. It's not for us to decide what's right or wrong."

Despite the relative disappointment for the event organizers, who needlessly provided portable toilets for Palin supporters fanatical enough to camp out overnight for the apperance (there were none), at least there were no tomatoes thrown.

Read the Anchorage Daily News's entire report, which includes a reading dog, here.