12/21/2010 03:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hyper-Efficient, German-Engineered Boulder Home On The Market For $3.5 Million (PHOTOS)

A Boulder home designed by German engineers is marketing itself as a "new standard for sustainability, efficiency and old world quality."

The 5,160 square- foot home at 2002 Alpine Avenue in North Boulder was designed by Vireo Vision and German engineering firm Weberhaus, and constructed recently, using hyper-efficient Porsche manufacturing methods. 2002 Alpine incorporates a variety of eco-features, including solar photo-voltaic panels, bespoke timber from consciously-managed forests, an entirely hypoallergenic and non-toxic interior, and a projected energy usage that "is 18% the average energy use of a typical U.S. home."


2002 Alpine Road Boulder

The roof features about 24 solar panels which put 10,000 kilowatts back into Boulder's smart grid so that the house is conserving while effectively helping to power its neighbors. It's even capable of cleaning it's own water system through its Greywater Treatment feature, which is only the second of its kind in North America.

All components of the house were built in Germany in just 2 days, Peri says. The parts were then shipped to the U.S. by boat. Upon their arrival in Boulder, the house took just 8 days to construct onsite.

The home doesn't skimp on luxury, either, boasting an elevator, a built-in espresso machine, a garage, luxury appliances and views of the flatirons.

2002 Alpine road is being offered for $3.5 million.