12/21/2010 02:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

LA's Worst Dishes 2010

The saddest part of the worst dishes of 2010 is that 2 restaurants we have gone to almost since the beginning are no longer on our list. Both Drago and Takao have been "important" restaurants to us, but I can no longer recommend them and in fact have no intention of returning. Pizzeria Mozza made the list because of all the hype that for us is just not there. My next restaurant is from another chef - Chef Voltaggio -- who has garnered a great deal of attention. I have only had one meal with Chef Voltaggio so this could be an unfair indictment, but my major feeling at the time was the lack of editing of what is served and that the main protein was sometimes being executed poorly in favor of the bells and whistles of the accompaniments. Stefan's on Montana is a joke -- poor food executed badly. Finally, I have been in search of fried clams with the bellies -- Blue Plate used to do it well -- no longer.