12/22/2010 02:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Facebook News Feed Redesign Helps You Filter Out Content (PICTURES)

If your Facebook News Feed is an overwhelming hodgepodge of irrelevant information, Facebook's latest tweak to the News Feed filters should please you.

Inside Facebook has discovered a new drop-down menu under the News Feed's "Most Recent" tab that lists organizational viewing options, including filters for Games, Status Updates, Photos, Links, Pages and Friends Lists.

The Games filter provides a quick and easy way for gamers to view news about apps they've subscribed to.

The Status Update filter delivers a text-only Friends briefing, which MSNBC likens to Facebook's "original News Feed." Similarly, the filters for Photos and Links make it easier to browse recent content posted by friends.

"As more news sites like CNN and The Daily Beast use Facebook to distribute newly published articles, the Pages feed could serve as new form of RSS reader, but which includes the opportunity of discussion and quick sharing," writes Inside Facebook.

Those who take advantage of Facebook's Groups tool can now view recent activities within the friends lists they've created, thanks to the Friends List filter.

While many users may not yet have access to the Feed's redesigned filters menu, Read Write Web is enthusiastic about its potential:

If Facebook before the Newsfeed was like an RSS reader that only permitted you to view updates from one subscription at a time, and Facebook after the Newsfeed was like a reader you could view the whole River of News from across all subscriptions on, then this new set of filtering options is like using an RSS reader that allows you to select from one folder or another to view updates.

Take a look at Inside Facebook's screengrab (below). Have you noticed this update on your own News Feed? Will these filters change the way you interact with the Feed? Share your thoughts in the comments.