12/22/2010 12:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Inhabitat Interviews William McDonough, Green Architect And Cradle To Cradle Founder

Green architect and co-author of the pivotal green design handbook Cradle to Cradle, William McDonough is one of the founders of the green design movement and one of the preeminent thought-leaders of our time. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Bill at the GreenBuild 2010 Conference about his work and the future of green design. We were joined by Howard Williams, VP of Construction Specialties, a leading proponent of safe materials in products, who introduced the company's latest Cradle to Cradle-certified products. The thought-provoking and energetic conversation gave us a taste of how intimately intertwined design is with a product's real-world impact - read on for our exclusive interview!

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