12/22/2010 01:55 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

White Christmas 2010 (PHOTOS): Snowfalls Around The World

It may be making holiday travel extra stressful for some, but aesthetically, mid-December snowstorms are leaving much of the world looking like a winter wonderland.

Heavy snow has given perennially-beautiful European cities like Prague and Florence an extra touch of storybook charm. Brits and Belgians are among those enjoying sleigh rides and snowball fights, while some elderly residents in China have opted for the less seasonably-appropriate by using the deep chills as an excuse to go swimming.

The festive series of photographs are, as Bing Crosby once crooned, "nearly like picture prints by Currier and Ives." So whether or not you can expect snow where you live, we hope you enjoy these shots of different nations enjoying a prelude to a "White Christmas."