12/23/2010 10:37 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Kevin Newman: 'Good Morning America' Scarred Me, I Was Fired With 'Hasty Phone Call'

Former "Good Morning America" co-host Kevin Newman wrote this week about his scarring experience on the show, claiming "It took me years to repair what nine months as GMA's male co-host did to my confidence and career."

Newman, who co-hosted the program briefly with Lisa McRee from 1998-1999, wrote in MacLean's that the film "Morning Glory" brought back bad memories from his time at ABC.

Newman writes that he was offered the position "in a hasty mid-afternoon phone call" from ABC News President David Westin. It was apparent to him that he and McRee did not have good on-air chemistry, he said, and executives struggled to find the right direction for the program.

"We got another hasty phone call saying we were being replaced by Diane Sawyer and Charlie [Gibson]," he writes. "When GMA celebrated its 35th anniversary last year, Lisa and I were nowhere to be found in its official history. We never happened. More than a decade later, Good Morning America still trails the Today Show and another new anchor team is struggling to find its footing."