12/27/2010 01:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Race Car Driver After Dentist? Patient Pretends To Drive While Under Anesthesia (VIDEO)

When Matt (A.K.A. CarAficionado24) got his wisdom teeth removed, it appears he used his love of driving to distract his mind from the painful procedure. Oh, and also a heavy anesthesia. Luckily for us, the combination made for a hilarious viral video a la "David After Dentist."

The video, recorded earlier this year, shows Matt revving an imaginary car over and over while he is prepped for surgery. Matt explains on his YouTube page:

"During my wisdom teeth removal, I must have been dreaming of hooning a car. I don't remember anything from the surgery but I have been told I did this for the entire time I was under. Heavy anesthetics were used."

(Via The Daily What)