12/30/2010 04:40 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

BCS Bowl Games 2011: Predict The Winners Of The BCS Games (POLLS)

Are you a college football expert? Will you be glued to the TV during the BCS bowl games coming up? Then try predicting the winners of each bowl game. Be careful because once you submit your vote for each game, there's no going back.

After you make a prediction, check out how you stack up with other HuffPost readers and challenge your friends via Facebook and Twitter. You'll earn points for each prediction you make that turns out to be correct.

The 2011 Bowl Championship Series begins on Jan. 1 with the so-called Grand Daddy of all bowl games, the Rose Bowl between Wisconsin and TCU. Later that night, Connecticut and Oklahoma will square off in the highly-anticipated Fiesta Bowl. Top NFL draft prospect Andrew Luck will lead Stanford in the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech on Jan. 3. The next day, two powerhouse football teams in Ohio State and Arkansas will go at it in the Sugar Bowl. Then, on Jan. 10, the high-scoring offenses of Auburn and Oregon face off in the BCS Championship game. Make your predictions below!


Rose Bowl 2011 - TCU vs. Wisconsin (PREDICT!)

Fiesta Bowl 2011 - Connecticut vs. Oklahoma (PREDICT!)

Orange Bowl 2011 - Stanford vs. Virginia Tech (PREDICT!)

Sugar Bowl 2011 - Ohio State vs. Arkansas (PREDICT!)

BCS Championship Game - Auburn vs. Oregon (PREDICT!)