12/30/2010 09:44 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sofia Vergara Talks Plastic Surgery, Betty White Dreams

Easy for her to say: she's a stunning model.

'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara features in the upcoming February issue of Ladies Home Journal, and talks about, among other things, aging gracefully and her senior citizen aspirations.

When asked about plastic surgery, the refuge of so many in Hollywood, Vergara says, "A woman should never have it to look younger. To fix little things here and there, maybe. To look a little fresher, okay. But you're always going to look your age."

Okay, so go natural. What's the endgame for that Sofia?

"Betty White. I love that she is so relevant and still taking risks at 89. I want to be her when I grow up."

Not a bad goal at all. But getting more serious, Vergara also talked about how she dealt with thyroid cancer.

"The most important thing was being educated," she said. When I learned I had cancer I was scared. But I did research, asked my doctors lots of questions, and saw this type of cancer was treatable. That's how I got through it."

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